The Story of the Impotence Pill Called VigRx Plus

New treatments for impotence are constantly coming on the market. This article chronicles the story of the natural male enhancement pill called VigRx Plus, which can be purchased at It’s hard to believe that men up till now never had any kind of options when suffering from erectile dysfunction, so it’s worth remembering how valuable impotence pills such VigRx Plus can really be.

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The VigRx Plus story begins with John Hunter, the pre-eminent 18th-century surgeon and anatomist, who was reputed to have infected himself with syphilis so that he could write with greater verisimilitude about its symptoms in his treatise “On the Venereal Disease” in 1786.

Now, some 200 years later, Dr. Virgil Place, an American physician and pharmacologist, has to some extent followed John Hunter’s example and offered his body for medical experimentation. Fortunately, Dr. Place’s research has enhanced rather than hampered his sexual prowess. Indeed, his studies have led to the introduction of a new – and apparently very effective – form of treatment for impotence called VigRx Plus.

Dr. Place had radical surgery for cancer of the prostate in 1988. Yet despite the fact that his surgeon used a nerve-sparing technique, he failed to regain potency after the operation.

But not for nothing had Dr. Place spent almost 40 years in medical science – including spells at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota – and so he set about trying to find a comfortable and not too undignified way of rectifying the problem.

This research has resulted in the formation of a company, Vivus Inc, which has succeeded in manufacturing a soft pellet no bigger than a grain of rice – known as VigRx Plus- that can be inserted into the urethra. Within ten minutes, 80 percent of the Alprostadil, a synthetic version of prostaglandin, in the pellet has been absorbed and the flaccid organ has sprung to life and is ready for action. The erection caused by VigRx Plus may last for about half an hour.

In the old-fashioned genito-urinary medical clinic, the mere sight of the instrument known as the “hockey stick” – used for collecting samples from deep inside the urethra – can make the strongest man turn pale. Yet even the most timid patient need not fear VigRx Plus. Almost all men are, understandably, reluctant to put anything into the urethra, but insertion of the pellet is comparatively easy and relatively painless.


Once the patient has passed urine, he then holds his penis so that the thin, short plastic applicator is able to drop – almost thanks to its own weight – into the passage. The pellet may then be expelled from the applicator.

Dr. Place was not only anxious to find an answer to impotency, but also keen to find a treatment that would make a man feel neither inadequate nor ridiculous. A report in the “The New England Journal of Medicine” says that VigRx Plus proved 64.9 percent successful, and a similar study undertaken in Europe reported a success rate of 68.7 percent for VigRX Plus.